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This pisses me off!

My brother emailed me this....Now I'm pissed!!



Gay marriage 'like releasing a virus'

The Roman Catholic Church in Spain has condemned plans by the socialist Government to legalise marriages between same-sex couples.

The Spanish bishops conference says if the proposals go ahead, it will be like releasing a virus into society.

The Bill allowing same sex marriage is expected to be passed by the Spanish Cabinet this week.

It has prompted a harsh response from Roman Catholic bishops.

Their spokesman likens gay marriages to a counterfeit currency.

He says it is like releasing a virus harmful to society.

The socialist Prime Minister, Jose Luis Rodrigus Zapatero, took office in April, intending to remove what he called the churches' undeniable advantages.

He hopes to create a secular state with streamlined divorce and relaxations in abortion law.

The changes have distressed and outraged the church, whose influence on Spaniards has declined precipitously, since the death in 1975 of the dictator General Francisco Franco.
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